Server Services

Servers are the most robust and flexible machines you have on your network. Maybe your business hasn't had the need for one because it wasn't big enough. You may take a look at the word itself- Server- and get bogged down with all the thoughts and worries about the budget required to maintain one. No worries! A Server can just be a beefed up desktop machine running what you need it to. If all your business needs is a place to store all your files in one place, then all you really need is a desktop machine set up with a ton of hard drive space and setup to allow all your computers to access it. Check out below to see what we offer in the realm of Servers:

Server Need Consultation (If your business actually needs one, and if so,what you need)

Custom Server Building (This is limited to the type of server you want)

Server Setup and Installation (You get it, we make it work)

Server Software or Service Installation (You have had a Server for a while now, but need something added)

Server Troubleshooting (Ok, what's wrong with it)

Server Hardware Replacement (Your Hard Drive failed and it need's to be replaced)

Server Upgrades (That old processor just won't cut it)

Server Alternative Solutions (If it will be cheaper for you to use a service as opposed to maintaining your own machine, we will tell you)

There is a lot of solutions available out there on the internet, whether it be file storage or backups, we can offer a solution to fit your Server needs. If it is more convenient for you to have your own machine, and have physical control over the data and the backups, then we can offer you a solution for your Small Business that won't break your budget. We won't just bring you one option either. We will research all aspects available for your needs, and we will present you with all of them. Even if that includes handing you over to somebody else! How many Tech's to that? If we cannot give you what you request, we will find the next best company to do so! Your satisfaction is our goal, even if we aren't the ones getting the paycheck.

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