Computer Services

At A.D. Systems, we know that computers go awry often. You may be used to doing something a certain way, and when your computer stops doing that one thing for you, it bugs the crap out of you. Like maybe your screen won't show things clearly any more, or all you can see is blue, or better yet, no matter how many times you take that CD in and out, it won't load into your system. These are common problems with a system, and our goal at A.D. Systems is to make your system work like it did when it came out of that shiny box from the manufacturer, and to teach you how to prevent the problem from happening again. We offer exceptional expertise in the areas of:

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting (You just got the blue screen of death and don't know why)

Computer Hardware Replacement (Finding what part died and replacing it with the same part)

Computer Hardware Upgrade (You need or have found that brand spanking new video card and need it installed)

Custom Computer Consulting (You know what you want, we will help you find it, even if we don't make it ourselves)
Custom Computer Building (You found something you liked from Dell, but it's a little expensive and you would like to look at alternatives (We have our own 2 year warranty on our home-built systems))

Computer Peripheral Consultation (You know what you need your printer to do, we help you find the best bang for the buck)

We offer many services for the Small Business owner. If you can think of it, most likely we can do it. We teach our customers how to take care of their systems to increase the life, performance, and usability so they cause you the least amount of pain and heartache as possible. You worry about your customers, let us worry about your computer.

We Dealt With Products From: